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Thanks for visiting the Beach Hut Radio website.

We are not here at the moment - although we hope to be back soon!

Since starting in 2016 we have achieved so much and been a big part of the community. We have seen many people through the process of training and creating their own shows that were broadcast to a large audience around the UK as well as overseas - and in the sea as we often heard from a couple of listeners working the oil rigs!

The Beach Hut Radio team is like a family, a family full of different types of people from all aspects of life - some of us weirder than others - not mentioning any names of course - but we all came together to do what we loved doing….coffee, cake, sweets and the odd radio show.

The time has sadly come for us to move off and explore other avenues, alleyways, car parks and any other dark areas of the world….but who knows we may just all get together in the future.

If you would like to hear any updates on what we are (or are not) doing then please subscribe to our newsletter here….if not click here to see a picture of an orange.


The Beach Hut Team. 

Radio For
Blyth and Beyond

About Us

Beach Hut Radio is a local radio station based in Blyth, Northumberland and part of the Beach Hut Media Group, a not for profit company established with the aim of engaging the community in the medium of radio through training and experience.

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